Friday, April 27, 2007

The Constant Dreamer

Is kahani ke saare paatra( ek hi hai) or ghatnayein kalpanik hain, inka vaastavikta ya kisi vyakti vishesh se koi sambanndh hona purely coincidental hai!!

This story(sortphilm) goes for a man named Ghansyam. He was a teacher in a local school called Sanmati Sisu Mandir in my town . All his life he envied of fame and name. For years he did his job with very high sincerity and diligence. This is his 10th year of service to the school and he is still hopeful, confident to achieve the success he always wished for.


“ Ladies and Gentleman please welcome …Mrrrrrrrrrr. Ghansyam”

…he climbs up the stage and bows down to the cheering applause while holding the bunch of garlands around the neck, somebody comes and handovers the mike….Sir, two words please ……… And ‘Sir’ flashes a happydent smile and grabs the mike …… and starts….audience all in silence…..mouths agape….after 10 mins of his very effective oration…..they break the silence with incessant cheers and whistles…smile regained……..suddenly this pleasant sound gets mixed up with a screaming noise!!...the smile on “Sir’s” face turns into a frown…..then eyes wide open…claps all died out….and the scream blows up……shouts ,”margaye!! Der ho gayee”…slaps the alarm clock and rushes around.


: (after 15 mins)….just putting on his silk kurta ,with his shoes and hair glowing (one with(extra) parachute and one with(extra) kiwi),golden wrist watch ,golden chain, stainless steel supari ka dabba…..right towards the breakfast table. His servant serves for him…two breads and tea(only lipton). He is still single…..when asked about marriage …tries to evade the issue.


: Same Bajaj super stops in front of the school. He parks it….and enters the school nodding to all the “good mornings”. Today is the judgement day for him, the list for faculty awards is to be finalized. Mr. Ghansyam enters the faculty room, passes a smile to everyone ….but something is strange….. “why are you people staring at me??”

“Congratulations Sir!! are the best teacher this time!!!”

All turn their faces to avoid the flash. But he didn’t smile this time… in spite he hesitatingly says, “Thank you!!” and rushes out of the room, and then towards the toilets. Releases his hesitation there…and then finally …flashes.

The whole day went in feeling the ecstasy of his dream coming true. The sound of the applause boomed for hours. Somehow he managed to cross the night with all his fantasies blooming.


: He enters the school campus with same Bajaj, but today fully cleaned, full tank, and a Jai Mata Dii ribbon on the headlight. He parks it and marches towards the main building….. still in fantasy…..he can hear the welcome song “ hosiyaar, maharaja dhiraaj, hukume saltanat, raja Ghansyam padhaar rahe hain….!!!” Pee pepepepepepeepeeeeeeeiiinn!!

On the stairs he bumps into Ms. Radha…[background](”Dekha jo tujhe yaar, dil mein baji guitar……” )

(English teacher and the only one Mr.Ghansyam has ever thought of being Mrs.Ghansyam.) and his eyes just stop at her.

She stops the stare by an, “Idiot!!”.

One “idiot” breaks our Sir’s dream and pulls him back on the grounds. He seethes in vengeance and finally utters



“Samajhti kya hai khud ko….ek baar award milne do phir batata hoon”

Climax :

10.30….Principal finishes his speech. Then a voice echoes all across the auditorium for our “Sir” , “ Now I would like to call on stage the best teacher for this year…Mrrrrrr. Ghansyam.”

Both his hands holding down the chair to help standing up, starts moving towards the stage. Mind very calm, relaxed, heart at 72 beats/min, very happy and as usual in his fantasy world with the best bogus tracks of HINDISANIMA!!

Then the SCENE1 starts again…but this time all real!!

Takes the award…and then a sweet voice, “Sir.. two words please!

He flashes…takes the mike and turns towards the goodwishers(at least 1000 in number)…. Now ….guess what….he meets hell it seems. His face turns red, the Happydent smile turns down spontaneously, eyes just staring at the crowd without even a blink. His frozen lips are not able to utter something very trivial (thank you that is).A wave a shudder starts at his toe and runs towards his hand which results in a jerk in the mike he holds……and this time his fantasy takes him to hell….real hell..he is hanging upside down and people (or zombies) are throwing all shit on him ….from paragon to VIP frenchie….. all varieties!! One sneeze from the crowd again pulls him on the ground, which is this time far better than his fantasy.

5 mins of utter silence…..produced two things only….a mug full of sweat …and two words…Thank You!!

That incident was the turn of Ghansyam’s life and also of his “neck”… he could never face anyone except the dogs….which you have to see even if look straight down on your foot!! Smileys

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