Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After a long long time I was back to home…..very happy…very satisfied….longing for the best food of life……for sitting with my brother and gossiping for hours…… for lounging on the couch and watch TV…..

Friday afternoon I reached there and the first thing was lunch….it was 3 o’clock. I was browsing through the channels holding a spoon in the other hand, when my mother came and asked for pressing zero……and I did so. Any guesses what was there on STAR-PLUS that time???????......last night repeat of KYUNKI SAAS….my foot .A continuous and disturbing sound of drums and cymbals…..while the camera focuses on each character (n) from different (n) directions…each shot in color and in black and white as well….….and then freezes on the Hero/Heroin of the event (five minutes for such a small scene :(().

I looked around in disgust gritting my teeth and thought….nothing has changed(except for the number of characters)…. My brother entered and saw my annoyed face…..laughed…and started teasing me by explaining what was going on in KYUNKI…

I burst into a laughter and asked whether all other “programs” (god knows how do they call them one) were similarly terrible. “Yes”, he said.” But Thank God Its Friday…TV is free for us in the evening….

Its really very difficult (nearly impossible) to justify whatever happens in any Ms.Kapoor’s family soap. And its even harder to understand how and what the lady thinks…because her small screen and big screen (Kya Kool Hai Hum) are far beyond comparison…….

She began the plethora, but now its not only her…..any serial starting with non-K letter is also the same. All moving around big families (all talk in crores),marriages, divorce, then again marriages, accidents, court cases, plastic surgery…yuck!! . The terror goes behind the screens also when….somebody married three times and never divorced grabs the Best Patni Award …..

You just don’t have to move anywhere. After one is over, you have precap of the same and then a flash for the third serial and a moment later recap of the second one. Gone are the days of the title song. They are still made but for the albums….huh…what to say more!!!

People did think differently and they did make different programs…..because “we ,the people” have lost ourselves in the Big Bang of Kapoor’s world ….we did not recognize them and responded negatively…..then what…they had to stop!!

Anyways….when a lot of transformational and unusual things are happening in India…be it in Entertainment…Yoga…or….Education!!...the human nature then is unpredictable. May be it was the first time such a large amount of entertainment started and then viewers became trapped in. Now the inertia is so high that they just don’t think of any refreshing change.

One good thing is …all oldies have also got a best pass time at home :)

So just have patience till.....er....the next episode (lol).