Monday, June 2, 2008

The Inscrutable Days

I strained my eyes, widened my smile, to concentrate more on his facial expressions and his hand movements without letting him know the pains i was going through.Poor him, he was trying hard to utter few words of English, thinking in Chinese , then in German and then pushing the words flow out of his mouth in English highly mixed with German words.First time we interacted this long as housemates. but could not go beyond identifying each other's areas of studies etc.The "fighter" left as a German guy entered the kitchen, sparing himself some self prestige.

Last one month was bumpy! My First Flight ... even after recalling hundreds times the fundaes my friend gave for flights, i missed out asking for a window seat and finally got a center one. Later in the flight,the lady sitting before the nearest window would just have slapped me as she thought i was staring at her.Then forgetting something regretfully, "pata hai , u can call the air hostess anytime u want to..just push the button". So overwhelmed,i did not even think about the button, and when i accidently pressed one of the five similar looking buttons, she was there right in front of me with a smiling face, and me, like a dumbo! said...Oh Sorry!! During the descent,i stared with a wincing face at almost everybody!! these deads...arent their ears paining ??? mine were just about to explode......and finally,I, pretending to have left my kuntryness behind...arrived in a new Country!

Few days just rushed through among so much of white skin i never saw....Then found myself trying my hands on making something to eat.Found it funny, cooking Indian things at a place where u need a lot of struggle and deep pockets to get Indian stuff.Taking whole lots of pain in even boiling something, the time,the quantity of water, the lid flying off the container over and over as i could not get a "pressure cooker". So, all motherly fundaes of Ek seeti or Do seeti could not help.Ya, gradually you get to know anyway, when to rotate the knob so that the violent steam under the lid is pacified and helps in killing the stuff inside, what color should it finally retain, how much salt (as i have only that as a spice :| ),how much heat, how to use what to clean. logistics involved in anything u traffic rules... me being caught up amidst the ocean of food products with German names in the market,browsing based on their prices, not the names ......and trying hard to recognize the picture drawn on the pack..shaving more frequently to look relatively white :P.... pretending a happy and heavy smile among the people speaking to themselves in German(ya, owing it to Chen nahi, i have experience in that)...... realizing that i was actually checking out the female garment store quite a few times.... happily gulping cheese burger thinking of it as a vegie thing till i got to know the truth....having one German guy telling me new Tamil words and another teaching me indian cooking.....replying to questions every bollywood actor a singer too, because they all sing in the movies?..... finding one shabby indian white bag with a Pan Masala advertisement printed on that being used as a fashion product here..... getting irritated on the size and design of the Baths!! as i had to clean one in the absence of any drainage from the floor......trying to stop myself from converting every price tag into rupees, and holding my eyeballs not to pop out on them........ etc etc .

two more months ahead...
for the adventure to go dead....

and then again Tag will be a day and Nacht will be a night, and the warm smiles will be regained but with short chuckles of good memories!! :)