Thursday, September 27, 2007

the perpetual call :( just crossed all limits of torture for me.....ten calls to me in one morning and even one to our prof in the class.9940012600, this is the one i am talking of.This has not only been treated as "the number" all around me, but is a cause of so many nuisances.Hell!! a day before i grudgingly decided to listen whatever the operator(female voice) speaks.I pressed 2 also for listening in english. I decided to accept the offer of hello-tunes also.But then, the list played all the tamil songs.Packed it and tried to have quick nap as it was 45 mins to my afty class.Worst was yet to happen ,when i just dozed off, which changed :( to :((((( Two more calls in 15 mins!!!!!

Earlier Air - Hell (name changed - a justifiable change) used to have a different number for torturing which i stored under the name "pain".But now..thanks to the frequency they have been calling with....u just got to have a quick glance on the receiving call, numbers 00 in the end and one 6 somewhere in between and a gut feel of the impending non sense will make it happen!!!

I doubted whether this post itself is justified or not, whether this number also can be blocked or not….so I called 121, had to listen carefully to the operator to reach up to the “customer care executive” and grumbled like anything to block this number. With no surprise the reply was ridiculous.”Sir, please type DND and send it to 121 and this number will be deactivated within 45 days!!!!
What could I say more…….

LOL for those guys who pay for getting their missed calls list(when the cell is switched off)!!!

But one thing to be acknowledged, the company follows the motto very well...EXPRESS YOURSELF :)