Saturday, May 2, 2009

the road un-traveled

excuse me if the "write" takes a little flavor from the previous post ;)

The first step he took made his leg shiver, but he smiled and tried ..... and soon , he was as nimble as a deer. He waved to the real deers around who were motionless and looking at him, with the curious surprises. He saw the long road ahead, which made him look at his feet with eyes of sympathy, but he smiled. The road looked straight but with a lot of hurdles of different heights, he smiled.He knew it was going to be a long journey, so he kept looking back at times to the distance he covered to keep him going. Soon , he became a runner..... he ran, faster, toppled a couple of times, got up again and ran, swaying his head to the wonderful tunes inside him. He ran dancing, jumping ......... singing. Sometimes he felt the hurdles too short and he smiled broader. For a long time, he did not look around, but when he did, ....he was surprised, the deers were now so indifferent to him, they were grazing in the fields and were looking around without even acknowledging his existence. They were happy, at least they looked happy. This did not affect his smile, but soon he found himself slowing down. Funnily, he was frowning with his smiles now. Not being able to justify the happenings with him, he became restless. He was not at all smiling and once suddenly he just stopped himself. He looked at all the deers around him, he was surrounded by a lot many of them and ........ all of them with a condescending air of superiority. He looked up,closed his eyes, screamed with frustration and urged his heart to tell him what he needed!! one last desire... He opened up and saw just one star in the sky, very bright. He felt the desire inside, it was very clear... he wanted to run again, but this time he wanted run away. He saw the end of the road, far ahead.... it looked beautiful from such a distance. He ran......... ran, with an anxiety, with a rage, with an unlimited energy. It was not that easy for him, something was wrong....the more he ran , the more he found difficult to run. To his utter surprise, the road was getting steeper..... he kept on running, but he was crying now, crying his heart out.... he felt he was running up a mountain which was getting higher and higher. He did not stop, did not even stop to think about what to do.... but he cried ....more ... until he threw himself on the ground, surrendering to that strange trap.... he came down rolling, like a marble left from the brim of a bowl. After such a cruel reply of all his queries, he was left alone. He was inanimate for quite a while and when he opened his eyes, with his body lying facing the ground, he did not feel any pain. He turned back, got up and saw all deers smiling at him . The road looked straight again. He looked up, there were infinite stars, but THE bright one was gone. He took a fawn in his hands, hugged it, smiled and started walking towards the end again :).