Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth:Part 2

I looked up from what I was reading, he was staring at me with his slowed down speaking speed. He stumbled at few words and looked back at the slide to recall…..but his stare did not bother me, in fact I stared back, because it was at least the hundredth time it had happened. Unfortunately this time I was at the first bench, so had to keep my novel really low under the bench (lol) as his one hand, with a gold ring, which was just somehow breathing under his thick finger’s radial pressure, was on my bench. At times I turned back to look what others were doing. There were four, two of them absorbed deeply into their FICTIONS, one in deep sleep and one just waking up. Towards my side, one bench across, there were two: one not even thinking of mitigating his wide smile, and the other one lost in his day dreams, with eyes wide open stuck at one point. All of a sudden he shouted,” Sir, what is the meaning of the last sentence? , which gave a jerk to our sleeping man and passed on a current in “Sir’s” mind as he explained the full slide just a minute back. When he saw all his pain going in vain, anger and grudge made him ran out of more words and the scolding we waited for weeks just grew up to a broken sentence, which was absolutely of no credit for our Day Dreamer and he was back to his dream.

Back to square one, new slide, he came towards my bench, leaned on it looking past my head and I was also starting a new chapter. Again I turned back to see if there was something new. Yes, there was, all four were sleeping. Then our “Sir” tried to recall the name of any one of them to, u know what? To wake them up!!! He succeeded and called up a name, one head raised and the worst of all happened. He threw up a question on his expressionless and surrendered face and finding no respect for his question as well as for him, he himself surrendered and told the answer. After a minute, all the four were in deep sleep.

It ended on the THANKYOU slide, but I got a feeling of dread as I tried to imagine the full season of the same class yet to happen!!!

May be one day things will change,
He will know things better,
He will speak interestingly,
We all will try to listen, with hand cupped around our faces(:P),
We will enjoy the class,

Then that Wide Smile will be justified and we will be expert in Solaar technology!!!

Or may be one day we will accept the Truth that all the above hopes will NOT come true :( !!