Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This article is the repetition of what i posted on pediff.com[name changed ].So,if you have already read,which i am damn sure you haven't[i am yet to get any viewer.. ]....don't hesitate to skip!!

21 years….quite a long time. But not long enough to be forgotten. Just frown for a moment and all the flashing memories boom out. Saw a lot, learnt a lot, felt a lot…..and the top of all… grew a lot. There was a time when we had almost the same world as today, same happenings, but still our face had an oblivious smile .Keeping the same situations, today, we growl and grumble about each and every thing we come across.

They call us….new generation….”the” next generation…..then the mind bustles about a lot of questions….does ‘new’ mean ‘better’ here???? Does ‘next’ mean a step up the ladder or down????.....okay…..all the same…we are growing…..that means we have at least one division …where …results are positive. Again , that is not the multidisciplinary result.

When I ponder over all these …..one conclusion I am able to draw(of course…differs from person to person)…..over centuries there was not as much temporal growth as it’s been over few decades. Now if we have got a sudden change and hike in a particular area (development of the science, proliferation in the materials of life, ability to curb anything which is not desirable .All in all, being the master of earth ,or may be of the near space also).…..there must be a lot of decline elsewhere. Let me elaborate….as our aim was to grow in a particular direction ……we focussed on that…and eventually we ended up having non-uniform growth in different directions. In fact, quite possibly, reverse growth in some directions.

I just switched on the nice 20th century “information box”(what they call as TV) in front of me, what is there ??? One reporter babbling something having a mob on his/her background. A bunch And a voice comes from my back….Oh God!...Not Again .I turn around and ask my mother,” What’s the matter??

Din’t you see that???

Oh…that TV news…I saw.

You don’t seem to be bothered..

Mother….there is no need to worry…we cant help it, that’s what happens day after day.

Yaa…..you next generation…

So, i think it’s more clear ……the decline thing I was talking about….Both the Mob in the news and the conflict among the two different viewers are the results of the decline. The generation changed, lifestyle changed, the thoughts changed, views changed…..and what about our ch____ter!! All of us saw the change and also felt it…but our fathers saw the direction of change…were upset to see it.. At times, they were worried also, but as the times passed by ….the disappointment died out.

Actually , I thought all these observations are worth discussing. Because we are the one where the transformation happened, I can imagine the next generation, they are not going to be much different from us!!

If the words above sound too mushy!!!...take this..


abhinav said...

Heyy.... y do u wanna lead a life of 60 year frustrated old chunk at the vivid age of 20?? :D
21 years cant be a long time when a normal person lives up to 65 years, so u cant challenge the incandescent generation NEXT(which I feel is awesome), without being thru the other part of the society.
As far as views of different generations of society are concerned, they need to be different for multi-dimensional growth of the society, so stop worrying about that.
And yeah... about news reports for casualties..... everyday such incidents are occurring in every nook n corner of the world and one cant keep reacting to them incessantly when they have much better things to do, so I don't think these views are prosperous enuf to be discussed.
And yeah... no one's heart(at least a normal guy of ur age)would sink down for this maudlin crap.. so u could keep ur fly with you, which I don't know how u missed to put at the end of your blog(though u intended to). :P

Vikas said...

Welcome to the first comment.....answering to him...
...pack!! ...i know him....he will again reply the same..or sth to push me down...

but one more to him :P