Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The screwtable days ;)

I was feeling delighted. We both were smiling at each other.This was our 4th meet but first date together. She looked beautiful.As usual "i" was preparing to begin the talk but this time luckily she started..

so wassup ?

my smile grew wider, and i starting stirring the coffee faster... i looked down, clicked the spoon twice on the brim and settled myself to begin...
it was then that i heard the annoying 4 beaps !! an SMS..

i took my cell out but a sudden noise THUD THUD THUD distracted me....

i asked her ,"
whts tht noise !!.... she frowned, and said.. what? ..
i looked around, puzzled, thinking in what universe such a door knocking noise can come in the middle of a huge restaurant.

One more THUD THUD opened my eyes... i saw a small spider resting on the wall just 6 inches away from my eyes. I blinked once, then turned and with improper body movements..went to open the door and saw a distorted face hardly trying to move his toothbrush.He pointed to the
wake me up ...tag on my door, i pulled it off and threw it on his face. Slammed the door and ran to see the SMS, it said --- come to class now!
It was already 8..

I put on whatever i saw hanging and ran with the toothbrush.Pushing the same guy aside, I literally whacked my teethe, fastest ever and just ran asking him to be there for breakfast after the class.

An hour later, we were sitting quietly, stirring tea..and he asked," u look busted?

yaaa... a busted dream.

which one?

the same u had yesterday ..

Oh :D ... u know what ? we need a girl..

"a" girl?

i mean, ok... two !!

fair enough..

what did u see yesterday ?

I was just about to sing on the stage with Shankar Mahadevan when your #*&^ing THUD THUD woke me up..

:D .. a trail of tragic dreams..

we got back to our usual chit chat on other things - events, life, god, movies etc.....sat for half an hour and moved out.

In room, i went through the news paper cursorily and looked around... some what restless. It was high time for a change in life...even in things. Mission room-clean started, took all the things out... mopped the floo
r attentively, devoting each wipe to different but small tragedies in life :) . It took too hours, including the clothes wash but it was a real big and recognizable change. I dozed off for a while, thank fully without a dream and got up with a sudden and inexplicable urge to go shopping. Took my bag and left. I just took off from the main gate, kept on walking...exploring. Entered a show room i always wanted to, tried all poses in the trial room with n clothes, pained the helper, and finally converged for a pair of pants after 45 mins. Then the journey continued..... walked for few kilometers more, toppled once, dodged a crash with a bike by one inch, dropped my cell twice and finally got back to campus, a little contented. A nice evening, compensating for a not so nice morning.

The night saw a blast, we all sat for three hours and recollected all memories from the school days. It was just the heaviest ever laughter for most of us..... sharing funny moments, funny teachers, mistakes, innoc
ence, the obedience and mischiefs ......even inacting them to experience the best entertainment :) .

Before crashing.... i could not stop myself from a desparate mischief. I set three alarms in my neighbor's cell with gaps of 30 mins, with a foolish but clear intention of shattering all his short and wacky dreams.

It was yet another day, a similar and monotonous one, what we experienced for past hundreds of days..... but it was not dull enough to be forgotten. Knowing that these times will be cherished.... hope this write here will add at least a glimmer to the memories.

On a Senti Note.. the end :|


Dhruv aka Cam said...

Dude... Dreams will be dreams...
Don't smash the 'wake me up' messages on the poor soul who woke you up on that fine morning...! Your 'wake me up' messages might disappear from tomorrow!!! :D

preetisoni said...

he he he he he he...:):)..tum aur tumhare dreams..sab anokehe hai......girls in dreams:) good beginning:) i would say...