Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just to write!!

(the readers are expected to bear with the post as the writer is faltu and free enough to write on simple and boring things :|)

It is not very tough nowadays to find the old people venting out their legacy of survival. How it used to be in their times? How slow? How cheap? How good? When they see things happening today, sometimes with surprise, sometimes with disapproval, they start the stories to their kiddies (who listen surprisingly) and to their friends (who listen sympathetically).

I had a few anecdotes in the recent hang outs with my nana-nani. Though it was all cliché in some sense and not new to me, still I listened curiously. The reason was the words spoken. Words, make you imagine a picture which is far more impressive and retainable than a real tangible “picture”. It will hustle through all your memories of images/movies and remain among the mostly visited and wanted ones (:-O). The power of words they call it as.

Reading one of most beautiful writings in the past weeks proved the same to me. Then I started comparing the two: reading a story or watching the same story as a movie and found the advantage reading has over watching, Words, while showing the picture, make you see each and every part of it. That is, you may ignore some part of the picture while seeing but words won’t allow this, which intensifies the effect and make you feel.

But, there is a truth which discourages me to write any conclusion of this post. We can’t see if we don’t see…arthaat….If we have not seen anything already we cannot imagine it in a story.

Sorry for the abrupt end :D.


Czar said...

Words can inspire, words can bring you down. They can show things that you have seen, in a much more beautiful fashion.

With a careful choice of words, anything can be achieved. Your words need not show what you think as the choice of words is extremely important.

Read your post again and ask yourself if what you thought has been conveyed. :)

jhati said...

good... goooood..... gooooooooooooooooooooood...

ishqia said...

no doubt reading is more good, intersting and effective then watching..

after reading a good harry potter part i always wanted to see the movie..but the impact of reading was much higher than the movie..

Anonymous said...

The charming answer